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How to Care for Pappelina Mats

Pappelina Marre Floor Mat

Follow these simple steps on how to best clean your Swedish Pappelina floor mat

Pappelina floor mats are woven on traditional Jaquard looms in central Sweden using a strong polyester warp (the longitudinal threads that provide the mat’s structure) and an environmentally certified PVC plastic weft (the horizontal threads that make up the main body of the mat). This unique choice in weaving materials makes Pappelina mats longer-lasting, resistant to fading and stains, and simple to clean and maintain – ideal for busy lifestyles.

Here’s our instructions on how to best care for your Pappelina mat.

1. Remove spot stains as quickly as possible with a wet cloth without rubbing. Leaving stains to dry will make them harder to remove in the longer term and may discolour light coloured mats.

2. To deal with larger stains or for a periodic spring clean, Pappelina mats can either be machine or hand washed. As a rule of thumb, a 250 x 70 cm rug is suitable for a 6kg washing machine. Wash at a cold temperature (maximum 30°C / 86 F) without detergent.

3. Pappelina mats can be hand washed in a large laundry basin or bath tub using cold water without detergent. Hot temperatures will cause the PVC to expand and may warp the shape of your mat.

4. Hang your Pappelina mat to drip dry, ensuring that the mat is stretched into shape without distortion while it is still wet. Do not tumble dry.

5. Do not spray Pappelina mats with detergents or cleaning agents as this may effect the colour and strength of the textile’s materials. To remove stubborn stains, use a strong jet of water or massage with a gentle bristle or wet cloth, making sure not to distort the shape of the mat.

6. Regularly maintain your Pappelina mat by shaking the mat free from dust and dirt. Do not iron and do not wring.

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