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  • Hay Botanical Family Medium Brass Pot

    Hay Botanical Family Pots – Medium

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  • Hay Fifty-Fifty Floor Lamp Black

    Hay Fifty-Fifty Floor Lamps

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  • Hay Fifty-Fifty Table Lamp Black

    Hay Fifty-Fifty Table Lamps

    Sale! £249.00 £199.90
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  • Hay Glass Containers Brown Large

    Hay Glass Containers

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  • Hay Grip Scissors Blue Handle Large

    Hay Grip Scissors

    Sale! £19.90
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  • Hay Kaleido Metal Tray Medium Grey

    Hay Kaleido Metal Trays

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  • Hay Moire Kelim Rug Grey 170 x 240

    Hay Moiré Wool Floor Rugs

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  • Hay Moroccan Vase Large Green

    Hay Moroccan Vases

    Sale! £27.90£49.90
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  • Hay PC Task Lamps

    Sale! £179.00£215.00
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  • Hay PC Task Lamps, with Desk Clamp Ash Grey

    Hay PC Task Lamps, with Desk Clamp

    Sale! £179.90£199.90
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  • Hay Perforated Tray Medium Light Blue

    Hay Perforated Trays

    Sale! £19.90£34.90
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  • Hay Shelving Unit Light Grey

    Hay Steel Shelving Units

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  • Kinto Day Off Tumbler White

    Kinto Day Off Flasks

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  • Hay Brass Cloche Lamp

    Hay Cloche Lamps

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  • Fort Standard Brace Brass Wall Hook

    Fort Standard Brace Bronze Wall Hook

    Sale! £65.00 £49.90
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  • Hay Outline Clip Large

    Hay Outline Clips, set of 10

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  • Hay Volet Hooks Gold

    Hay Volet Hooks, set of two

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  • Hay Henry Tablet Case Mini Light Grey

    Hay Henry Tablet and Laptop Cases

    Sale! £45.00 £9.90
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  • Hay Casette Pouch Large Denim

    Hay Casette Pouches

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  • Hay Bits and Bobs Dot Large Light Blue

    Hay Bits and Bobs Dot Glass Containers

    Sale! £6.90£19.90
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  • Hay Ruban Mirror Square Nude

    Hay Ruban Mirrors, by Inga Sempé

    Sale! £22.90£29.90
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  • Bosign iPad & Tablet Stand White

    Bosign iPad & Tablet Stand

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  • Japanese Allex Stainless Steel Scissors

    Japanese Allex Scissors

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  • Japanese Metal Caddies

    Japanese Metal Caddies

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Showing 1–24 of 35 results