Creature Comforts

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  • Hay Botanical Family Medium Brass Pot

    Hay Botanical Family Pots – Medium

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  • Hay Fifty-Fifty Table Lamp Black

    Hay Fifty-Fifty Table Lamps

    Sale! £249.00 £199.90
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  • Hay Mega Dot Blanket Light Grey

    Hay Mega Dots Bedspreads

    Sale! £99.90£179.90
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  • Hay Moire Kelim Rug Grey 170 x 240

    Hay Moiré Wool Floor Rugs

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  • Hay Mono Blankets

    Sale! £64.90 £49.90
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  • Italesse Dixie Tumbler Large

    Italesse Dixie Tumblers, box of six

    Sale! £19.90£24.90
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  • Kalita Tsubame Copper Coffee Brewer 185

    Kalita Tsubame Wave Copper Coffee Brewers

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  • Kinto Walnut & Brass Brewing Set

    Kinto Brass Pour Over Set

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  • Kinto Kakomi Donabes

    Sale! £72.90£159.90
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  • Kinto Leaves to Tea Teapot Black

    Kinto LT Porcelain Teapots

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  • Japanese Wooden Tea Canister

    Japanese Wooden Tea Canister

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  • Japanese Brass Bottle Opener

    Japanese Brass Bottle Opener

    Sale! £49.90 £39.90
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  • Hay Volet Hooks Gold

    Hay Volet Hooks, set of two

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  • Italesse Etoilé Red Wine Glass

    Italesse Etoilé Red Wine Glasses, set of six

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  • Hasami Porcelain Mugs

    Sale! £18.90£19.90
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  • Stálogy 365 Days Notebooks

    Sale! £19.90£37.50
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  • Hasami Porcelain Teapot White

    Hasami Porcelain Teapots

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  • Textile No 7 Linen Large Napkin Indigo

    Textile No. 7 Large Linen Napkins, by Karin Carlander

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  • Irish Merino Wool Blankets, by Mourne Textiles Charcoal Grey and White

    Irish Merino Wool Blankets, by Mourne Textiles

    Sale! £149.90£194.90
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  • Chemex Coffee Makers with Wooden Collar 6 cup

    Chemex Coffee Makers with Wooden Collar

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  • Zalto Bordeaux Wine Glass

    Zalto Bordeaux Wine Glasses

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  • Hay Clip Clip Brass Clip With Spoon

    Hay Clip Clip Brass-Coloured Clips with Spoon

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  • Fort Standard Pentagon Candle

    Fort Standard Carrara Marble Candle Holders

    Sale! £49.90 £29.90
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  • Placeholder

    Kinto Ceramic Lab Mugs

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Showing 1–24 of 25 results