Designed by Nendo

Co-founded in 2002 by fellow architecture graduates Oki Sato and Akihiro Ito, Nendo is a multidisciplinary design and architecture studio renowned for finding original solutions to everyday design problems. The name ‘Nendo’, which means ‘modelling clay’ in Japanese, reflects the studio’s interest in reconstituting familiar typologies of form and their concern for making their designs playful to experience. In the short space of a decade Nendo have generated a vast and eclectic body of work that encompasses domestic architecture, furniture, product design, retail interiors, packaging, graphic and exhibition design.

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  • Parte Bowl, by Nendo

    Parte Cork Bowl, by Nendo

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  • Nendo Pebble Bowls

    Pebble Bowls, by Nendo

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Showing all 2 results