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  • Kinto Travel Tumbler White

    Kinto Travel Tumblers

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  • Fort Standard Crest 1 Brass Bottle Opener

    Fort Standard Brass Bottle Openers

    Sale! £50.00 £34.90
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  • Japanese Tamura Body Brush

    Japanese Tamura Body Brush

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  • Hay Outline Clip Large

    Hay Outline Clips, set of 10

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  • Hay Portemonnaie Denim

    Hay Portemonnaie

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  • Hay Casette Pouch Large Denim

    Hay Casette Pouches

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  • Hay Serving Tray Gold

    Hay Serving Trays

    Sale! £25.00£29.90
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  • Hay Moment Candle Stand

    Hay Moment Candle Stand

    Sale! £29.90 £22.90
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  • Italesse Etoilé White Wine Glass

    Italesse Etoilé White Wine Glasses, set of six

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  • Japanese Allex Stainless Steel Scissors

    Japanese Allex Scissors

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  • Hasami Porcelain Mugs

    Sale! £18.90£19.90
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  • Hay Cap Bottle Opener Gold

    Hay Cap Bottle Opener

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  • Espro Travel Coffee Press Matte Black

    Espro Travel Coffee Presses

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  • Espro Ultralight Coffee Press Gunmetal Grey

    Espro Ultralight Coffee Presses

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  • Portuguese Glass Bottles with Cork Stopper

    Sale! £1.99£2.25
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  • Hay Lens Box Green Stone

    Hay Lens Maple and Stone Boxes

    Sale! £15.90£35.90
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  • Strap Watch, by Big-Game for Praxis Grey

    Strap Watch, by Big-Game for Praxis

    Sale! £29.90 £9.90
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  • Kinto Unimug Tea Cup Brewer Grey

    Kinto Unimug Tea Cup Brewer

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  • Siwa Naoron Pencil Case Large

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  • Siwa Naoron Pencil Case Medium

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  • Italesse Claesson Koivisto Rune Tonic Glasses

    Italesse Tonic Glass Tumblers, by Claesson Koivisto Rune, set of six

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  • Motta Hawthorne Strainer

    Motta Stainless Steel Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer

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  • Italesse Wormwood Galante Cocktail Glass

    Italesse Wormwood Galante Cocktail Glasses, set of six

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  • Gift Vouchers

    Gift Vouchers

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Showing all 24 results