Pebble Bowls, by Nendo


Set for a lifetime

Designed by Japanese design and architecture studio Nendo, this set of Pebble bowls takes inspiration from the way a stone pebble is smoothed and slowly diminishes in size due to the river’s constant current. The bowls’ organic forms appear strikingly contemporary moulded in melamine-resin. Stacked one inside the other, their rims become level and create an image of the lifetime of a pebble, emphasising the durability of their material.

Key Information
• Set of three
Good to Know
• Designed by Japanese design studio Nendo for Italesse

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Product Information

Robust and Durable

• Made from melamine-resin


• 1x Small Black
• 1x Medium Orange
• 1x Large White


• Small: 83 (⊘) x 56 mm
• Medium: 130 (⊘) x 60 mm
• Large: 170.5 (⊘) x 110 mm


• Stackable and dishwasher safe

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