Textile No. 7 Linen Placemats, by Karin Carlander

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Enduring quality, classic design

Textile No. 7 Placemats are woven using two contrasting colours of 100% linen thread, making them highly absorbent, fast-drying and durable. Designed by award-winning Danish textile designer, Karin Carlander, Textile No. 7 Placemats draw on traditional Nordic craft techniques to create a unique and intricate weave that is enduring both in its aesthetic and its quality.

Key Information
• 100% linen
• 50 x 40 cm
Good to Know
• Karin Carlander see her range as multipurpose, with each size of fabric having multiple uses. This is the same product as No. 7 napkins.


Product Information


• 100% linen


• 50 x 40 cm

Craft production

• Woven in Europe by experienced craftspeople